We focus on the strategic, operational, financial, and capital needs of our clients. Our team works with companies, private equity sponsors, creditor constituencies, and stakeholders at large, from complex multi-party negotiations, valuations, quantitative and qualitative analyses to business combinations and post-combination integration.


CGA helps PEs minimize risks and maximize deal returns. Our team of strategists, financial, and compliance experts drive value to any PE’s transaction, from the initial negotiation phase and due diligence to portfolio company transition period and divestiture. Typically, our corporate finance team works in tandem with our accounting and compliance teams to deliver financial and accounting due-diligence, forensic accounting, corporate investigation, IP assessment/evaluation; and human capital assessment, reorganization, deployment/redeployment.


For Businesses. Clients obtain financial and operational stability while continuing to pursue value creation because our team has the experience and expertise to rapidly identify the key issues and promptly design and implement optimal action plans. For Lenders. We leverage on our team approach to provide both analytical and advisory services to lenders of distressed borrowers.


We represent both buyers and sellers, and offer fully comprehensive support to capitalize opportunities and minimize risks, from preliminary assessment of value(s) and risk(s) to complex negotiations. Business combinations are our forte, and our teams handle all the quantitative and qualitative aspects, from negotiation to post-combination integration with the intent to mitigate failure.


We perform extremely complex and sophisticated analyses of large, diverse sets of financial, and non-financial data. Our teams produce rigorous reports as well as simple yet comprehensive visualizations, offering our clients a clear, easily understandable picture.


We can identify opportunities to increase revenues and/or decrease cost, with the goal to maximize profit. Our teams analyze the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the business, and help management diagnose issues and design short and long-term plans to generate sustainable performance.