This comprehensive service supports our clients’ efforts in cultivating, solidifying, protecting, and valuing their intellectual property assets. Along with the Corporate Finance and Strategy team, we assist clients in developing strategies that will allow them to achieve the greatest return possible from the exploitation of their intellectual property.


If clients are in the throes of transactional disputes, arbitration, litigation or mediation, our Compliance and Prevention team can quickly analyze the key issues at the core of the dispute and guide clients to a successful conclusion. Working in conjunction with the Corporate Finance and Strategy teams, we help clients assign a monetary value to their disputes, taking into consideration the nature of the dispute, parties involved, costs, time, and the like. Understanding the value of the dispute allows our clients to achieve efficiency through reasoned decision-making in the pursuit of calculated results.


In conjunction with the Accounting, Corporate Finance and Strategy, and HR and Organizational Effectiveness teams, we deliver comprehensive solutions to keep our clients at the edge of industry practices, trends, and shifts in the regulatory landscape


We provide objective third-party opinions on clients’ most important transactions and agreements by analyzing transactions for potential costs and benefits, feasibility, and fairness, allowing us to reduce the risk of future disputes and costs.


Working in tandem with our HR and Organizational Effectiveness team, we provide expert advice on all aspects of compensation matters, including executive, director, and staff compensation. Whether creating an employee compensation plan for the first time or reviewing long standing policies, CGA helps our clients create benefit and compensation plans that properly incentivize employees based upon job function, location, industry, and other criteria specific to our clients’ organizations. Providing our clients with well reasoned and structured compensation plans allows them to remain competitive in the marketplace through the attraction and retention of the best talent available.